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Our two winemakers, Meritxell Vila and Pepe Roige, work extensively in the vineyard to identify the best vineyards from the various distinguished regions where our group is present to elaborate Great Wines. A team of winemakers project their experience and their love for wine in each elaboration and each raw material that is selected from the best vines of the best plots of each winery to achieve the characteristic “terroir” of each one. The work and vast experience of our winemakers have been internationally recognized and have allowed them to win and deserve several prizes and awards of the most prestigious wine contests.


The work and vast experience of our winemakers have been internationally recognized.

Meritxell Vila

Our chief winemaker Meritxell Vila has a great experience and education both in the vineyards and in the task of ageing and winemaking.

Her stage at several wineries has given her an excellent knowledge of the climatology, varieties and the diverse lands in which the vines grow.

Pepe Roige

With Pepe Roige’s incorporation to our project, they have been able to prepare a good number of great wines adding their knowledge to the most modern technology.

Still today, after several years of career, they continue learning enthusiastically new ways of elaborating and preparing wine with all the illusion of the first day.


Identify the best vines and terroirs is one the keys in Elegido’s success.

At ELEGIDO we are committed to nature, the earth and all the elements that play their role in the creation of each wine. For this reason, we are fully aware of the importance of protecting the environment and respecting the sustainability of our natural surroundings.

The local grape varieties from each area take a leading role. As for the techniques that we use, they are ever more respectful of the environment and with the maximum care given to available water resources. Our extensive installations are rigorously certified with quality seals from

the world’s most prestigious agencies, such as the International Food Standard (IFS). This top rating certifies that our processes, from growing our vines to marketing, comply with the strictest traceability controls and the strictest standards of food quality and safety.